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Blue Room, Red Room



The Continental Club



3700 Main St., Houston, TX 77002


Interior Design and Architecture by:

Unknown...Who designed the The Continental Club (Houston)? 


As I relaxed at a classic Houston club and enjoyed the lively band, the walls beyond the stage began to capture my attention: There is a juxtaposition of two rooms separated by a colorful change in both paint and light that creates an engaging view. A blue room with a blue light is followed by a red room with a red light. This simple (and likely unmindful) design progression has a striking affect. I’m mesmerized. Nothing more than a thick black door frame stands as the jarring transition from one room to the next. Each room is defined by its own rough edges and sooty air, constantly enticing us to enter the other and transform our moods.



In the red room, a giant black and white Beatles poster is positioned next to an industrial wall sconce with a glaring red bulb. From my seat I can only glimpse the bottom edge of this infamous poster. I see John and Paul peering into the blue room. I sense that they bring patrons flickering memories of their brilliant music. Their black and white faces reside harmoniously with the bright red drywall in this classic color combination.



My eyes migrate from bulging red to eerie blue in one smooth motion. I am immediately drawn to the whimsical neon light which hangs on the wall over the doorway. Thin tubes of neon are shaped into the head of the mythical god, Mercury. Its styling and glow is reminiscent of a beer advertisement. Alone on a sea of blue drywall, this small fixture takes all of the attention for itself. Perhaps the wall needs no other adornments lest they take away from the nearby performance. The stage is only feet away from this captivating threshold where blue meets red. The music on the stage is raging now. My focus drifts to the band.


This club may not be featured upon the pages of a designer magazine, but it can claim the use of a loudly impressive, however simple, use of light and color. This evening reminded me that color and light can play magical tricks on the eyes in even the most rudimentary applications.


By: Ivory and Aubergine (Valerie Jones). Visit

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