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Kata Robata (Beautiful Design. Beautiful Sushi)



Kata Robata



3600 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77098 (at the corner of Kirby Dr. and Richmond Avenue).

Interior Design and Architecture by:

Schooley Design


Kata Robata is superb. If you are a sushi fan then you absolutely must make this a destination. You'll understand why it tops many a connoisseur’s lists. Though many visit for the food, I wonder if anyone besides me also visits to enjoy the inspiring interior design. If you’ve not taken notice on your previous trips, be sure to peer beyond your plate of delicious sushi the next time you dine with them. Your eyes will discover serenity and cohesiveness all around. This space epitomizes “flow”.

One of the most noticeable design features is the use of vignettes and small gathering spaces that come together to form the larger space. This design method gives a sense of privacy and intimacy in the midst of an otherwise chaotic and crowded dinging room. Changes in ceiling, floor and wall height allow you to immerse yourself into one small area at a time while still feeling connected to the whole room.

Lighting is another alluring element in the space. From natural to artificial, the lights are not to be overlooked. They lend definition to the space as much as the walls. On the far right of the dining room there are two fantastic lighting pieces. One is a custom, suspended light-box designed to compliment and reflect other materials in the space. It fits seamlessly into the architecture as a decorative fixture but also serves a functional purpose: to conceal an HVAC duct. The second lighting feature is a series of circular skylights positioned above a row of tables. This natural light is brilliant in its positioning and subtlety and can be appreciated from many angles in the room.

These features and many more make Kata Robata a beautiful space that should be enjoyed again and again.


By: Ivory and Aubergine (Valerie Jones). Visit

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